Top 10 Conversion Rate Optimization practices for marketers.

A conversion is the specific action you want your web visitor to take on your website or landing page, such as:

  • Buy
  • Download
  • Opt-in
  • Register
  • Refer a friend
  • Make a phone call
  • Click to chat
  • And more

Conversion Optimization (or Conversion Rate Optimization) is a marketing tactic of getting a higher percentage of your web visitors to take action and becoming a lead or customer.

Conversion Rate OptimizationUse A/B Testing– Test your CTA button. If left side doesn’t work then try it on right side.

Make action oriented CTA,

Include Keyword consistence with the offer and the landing page.

Use short keyword in CTA to grab customer attention.

Use highly contrasts color that aligns to your company brand or business. Try to understand your buyer persona and use the color. If don’t know your buyer persona then do a test. Remember testing doesn’t kill your time rather it makes you more experienced every time. Testing and analyzing will not only help to create most effective CTA but it will give you better idea of your buyer persona likes.

Use Social Proof– Use social sharing button to get customer feedback and try nurturing them to convert into leads.

Put Your Marketing on Video– Visual presence of your brands/product creates lot of impact on customers.

Add credibility indicators to your website: add testimonials, reviews, awards, stats

Clarity with larger product images:  Improve Clarity with larger product images on your category pages if it’s an eCommerce website.

Landing page headlines match the words in your PPC ads? If no then do it now.

You landing page should not contain any navigation menu to your website.

Your Thank you page should contain Navigation menu to your website.

Your landing page form should not contain more than 4-6 field.

Your landing page should have image, animation or short video.

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