Top 10 Marketing Plan for Startups

Social Media Social Media Marketing is one of the exceptional approaches to get exposure and customers for your startup. It is one of the fine low-price advertising and marketing techniques to use on your enterprise. Social Media Marketing has the power to show your startup into a profitable emblem however you ought to understand how

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Google Universal Search Result

Universal Search is a technique applied by Google where the result coming from various sources. It not only shows you the web pages but also blogs, videos, images and news related to the keyword. With Universal Search, there’s no need to select a separate menu item – the search will return results that encompass many

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Page Rank

Google page rank

Google page rank Page Rank is a numeric value given by Google to web pages which represents the importance of web pages on the web. There is a green horizontal bar in Google Toolbar which is known as Page Rank checker. Page Rank value varies from 1 to 10 and the more Page Rank a

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