Pay Per Click Campaign (PPC)

Pay Per Click Advertising(PPC)

“Pay Per Click”. The form of on-line advertising where the owner of an advertisement is charged in direct proportion to the number of times the advertisement is clicked on by web users. These advertisements usually appear beside a search engine’s natural listings or beside a web page.

These advertisements usually appear beside a search engine’s natural listings or beside a web page. At ISE Web Solution we have group of qualified PPC professional who can handle effective campaign for a website

What We Do?

Competitor Analysis: Analyzing competitors business is an imperative part in PPC Campaign. Competitor analysis is an assessment of the strengths and weaknesses of current and potential competitors. This analysis provides both an offensive and defensive strategic context through which we can identify opportunities and threats. It is always helpful for creating an effective and successful campaign for small and medium business.

We at ISE Web Solution better analyze the competitor’s activities and establish profitable campaign for website owners.

Keywords Selection

Choosing good and targeted keywords always have been an exigent task for webmasters. Highly targeted keywords can bring excellent conversion for a website. Our experts analyze the business and collect various targeted keywords which help your business to acquire more conversion and potential customers.

Keyword Bidding

Keyword bidding is a key factor in PPC campaign. It directly affects your Ad position, Click through Rate (CTC) in Search Engine Result Pages (SERPs). A strategically bidding process can save your monthly advertising cost and give more conversion. Our bidding experts constantly monitor your ads and bidding price for each keyword and update as per market situation.

Market Research

Efficient Market research is essential for updating the strategies and processes with current fluctuations in demand structure of the corporate field. Our team of research experts will be exploring the vistas for newer and effective means to business solutions.

We have expertise in prioritizing your expectations in Traffic requirements using diversified Strategies of market research.

ROI Campaign

ROI stands for return of investment, it is a performance measure used to evaluate and compare the efficiency of investment in relation to your output in business. ROI helps in analyzing the cost benefits of a concern.

Your ROI (return of investment) can be structured to greater efficient standards by using better analytical patterns employed by our ROI campaign experts. Innovative standards are used maximize profit margins. Our experts will assist you to get greater leverage for your ROI levels.